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Wear Longer, Wash Less, Reduce Your Impact



Whether you're roaming free on the hillsides or curled up cosy at home, merino is naturally suited to keep you comfortable through any conditions. With remarkable properties for temperature regulation, merino wool can keep you warm in cooler temperatures, while remaining breathable and cool when things get toasty.

Keeping you warm, cool, and comfortable sounds like a pretty big task already, but with Isobaa merino the benefits go further. Once you start to think more about what you choose to buy and wear, you realise that small differences can go a long way.

Unlike synthetic materials, merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant. You’ll stay fresh no matter how hard you’re working, and it can be worn for days without needing to be washed. Less water usage, less energy spent and less time faffing with laundry means... more time enjoying the great outdoors! Of course this makes it great for travelling, multi-day adventures and any occasion where you want to reduce your packing list.

Trying to take the same approach with your daily wardrobe as well? No problem! Our vibrant colours and athletic designs make Isobaa suitable for everyday casual use so you can choose clothing that will perform well for any scenario and avoiding lower quality apparel that is often discarded and creates unnecessary waste.

Over time any clothing you love gets worn out, damaged and roughed-up by your adventures - we think that's part of the joy of having apparel that lets you go anywhere and do anything. We all have those t-shirts that show their story through scrapes and holes - trees climbed, sunny picnics, rocky scrambles and rainy hillsides. When it is finally time to let go of your much-loved Isobaa garment, our 100% merino fabric is fully biodegradable and will break down over time without adding to landfill or harming the environment.

We've taken care over the details to make sure we're doing everything we can to help. Our much-loved packaging is recyclable to reduce the impact of a new item, and can even be repurposed and re-used for handy small storage or for your next hand-wrapped gift. When you make a choice to purchase with a purpose, we are right here with you.