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Bringing our baa-rilliant community together.

We'll share tales from our flock to inspire your adventures as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time in the great outdoors... or indoors!

A man and a woman are hiking up a grassy slope with majestic, rocky mountains in the background, both wearing Isobaa Merino clothing

Why Merino Wool is Perfect for Hiking

A man and a woman are hiking up a grassy slope with majestic, rocky mountains in the background, both wearing Isobaa Merino clothing

Why Merino Wool is Perfect for Hiking

When it comes to hiking, your gear can make or break your experience. Find out why Merino wool is the top choice for hikers, and see our picks for the best Merino wool hiking gear.

T-Shirt Design Competition

This is your chance to design an Isobaa T-shirt to be a part of our new collection plus win a £250 Isobaa voucher… The rules are simple, swipe for all the info. We can’t wait to see your baa-rilian...

Man in a petrol Isobaa Lux Hoodie leaning against a tree

The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Brands

Fast fashion might give you the latest styles at low prices, but it’s really bad for the environment. The constant production of cheap clothes uses a lot of resources and creates a lot of waste. At...

Woman smiling while making a bed, wearing Isobaa merino sleepwear in a cozy, naturally lit bedroom with yellow patterned curtains

How Merino Wool Can Improve Sleep Quality

Did you know Merino wool can improve your sleep quality? Learn about the science and benefits of this natural fiber and how it can transform your nights into restful slumber.

Man wearing Isobaa merino standing by a waterfall

Bestseller Spotlight — June 2024

We just wrapped up our spring sale, and the numbers are in! Curious about which items were the most popular? Here’s a spotlight on our bestsellers for both men and women.

A person wearing Isobaa merino loungewear, relaxing with a book in a cosy log cabin, sitting on a leather armchair near a wood-burning stove

Home Lounging with Merino Wool

Discover why Merino wool is the perfect choice for home lounging. From unparalleled comfort to eco-friendly benefits, Isobaa's loungewear collection offers the ultimate relaxation experience.

A young girl climbing on outdoor furniture, wearing a pink and grey striped Isobaa Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew and Merino Blend 200 Leggings

Kids and Merino: Perfect Match for Play

Discover why Isobaa's Merino wool clothing is ideal for kids who love to play outdoors. Learn about our comfortable, durable merino blend leggings and long sleeve crew tops for children.

Maintaining a pocket on an Isobaa Merino Lux hoodie

Maintaining Your Merino Wool Gear

Looking to extend the life of your merino wool garments? Check out our simple guide for some handy tips on maintaining your wool gear

A close-up photo of a fabric tag on a Merino garment, with the text 100% Superfine Merino Wool and the logo of Isobaa

Understanding Merino Wool Grades

Delve into the world of Merino wool and its various grades with our comprehensive guide. Discover how different grades impact your outdoor gear and why they matter for your next adventure!

30 day merino challenge

30 Day Challenge: Catherine's Journey

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a tale from our flock on the Isobaa 30 Day Challenge! We caught up with Catherine to see how she got on with her womens merino 180 long sleeve crew. Here'...