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Article: 30 Day Challenge: Catherine's Journey

30 day merino challenge

30 Day Challenge: Catherine's Journey

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a tale from our flock on the Isobaa 30 Day Challenge! We caught up with Catherine to see how she got on with her womens merino 180 long sleeve crew.

Catherine wearing her womens merino 180 long sleeve crew (forest)

Here's what she had to say:

Q. How does the top smell?

The smell usually stays very neutral all throughout the wear, with a light "fresh" sweat smell (i.e. not acrid) if I have to wear it continuously for more than 15 days. It's managed by hanging it to air out at night between wears and allows me to push it to 25 days easily.

Q. Have you noticed any changes to the top?

No changes, it keeps its shape nicely throughout continuous wear, and through washes.

Q. How have you been storing your top while not using it?

If I intend on wearing it again, I just air it out for the night and then either wear it again or fold it nicely until next wear.

Q. What sort of things did you get up to while wearing your top?

All sorts of things! It's the most versatile piece of clothing I own! It's super convenient to travel with and pack light, and the long sleeves is the best for the in-between seasons where a sweater would be too much but it's nice to have my arms covered. I went biking with it and it's wonderfully moisture wicking, and I enjoy the natural fibre feel much more than my synthetic base layers!

womens merino 180 long sleeve crew (forest)
Q. What have you been wearing with your top?

In the dead of winter, it's become my fave base layer. Now that the weather is warming up, I wear it on its own and even use it to go hiking as sun protection.

Q. Have you noticed any change in how you look after your other clothes?

Yes! I do the sniff test a lot more. If it doesn't smell funky, it stays on the "to be worn again" chair. It's helping me wash clothes less, which saves on utility bills, is environmentally friendly, and gentler on the clothes. Win all around!

Q. How have your friends and family responded to the challenge?

They were definitely curious and were asking for updates on my progress, they looked into the brand (there's some serious hikers so they were very interested in the benefits of merino wool for light packing and moisture wicking). We went for a celebratory gathering at the end of the challenge and they were all happy to sit close by, no smell to scare them off haha!

womens merino 180 long sleeve crew (forest)
Q. Has the challenge impacted your usual clothing spending habits?

Definitely! I admit, although I love natural fibre clothes, I wouldn't have pushed the limit of my wearing duration that far. Now I am not afraid of wearing my clothes a few days more than what I would naturally be inclined to. I also am totally sold on merino. I never had a merino base layer before, only sweaters. But now I’ve bought a short sleeve too and can't wait to test it through summer!

Another successful challenge completed! If you’ve been inspired by Catherine’s experience, why not try it yourself? Find out more about our 30 Day Merino Challenge, don't hesitate to get involved to win your free Merino top!

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I have clothing “hooks” on the wall in our bathroom that are just over the HVAC vent. We have it set to move air at least 30 minutes an hour, so when I take off my merino tees or longsleeves at the end of the day, they are hung up over the vent and the moving air helps dry and air them out. I’ve gone a few weeks on a tee or longsleeve with this.


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