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Article: Standing out from the Flock

Standing out from the Flock

Standing out from the Flock

Merino wool has some pretty amazing properties that make it different from types of wool…

So what makes Merino wool different?

There’s nothing quite like Merino, the way it feels, looks and works in a garment. To be Merino wool, it has to come from a special breed of sheep, the Merino sheep! It’s different because the fibres are incredibly fine compared to other types of wool which can be more coarse.

The diameter of each fibre is what determines which category a wool type falls into. This is measured in microns. One micron is equal to one millionth of a metre. Wool with the finest micron comes from Merino sheep and is used for high quality, soft fabrics and knitting yarns. Using Merino wool is what makes our clothing and accessories so soft and not itchy like some wool products.

Why is Merino wool special?

Wool itself has many amazing properties and it only gets better with Merino. Naturally breathable, thermoregulating in cool or warm conditions, it also lasts much longer without washing. All the best qualities of wool, without the itchy feeling.

Is Merino wool better than other fabrics?

We might be a little biassed, but we definitely think Merino outperforms a lot of other fabrics. Especially when it comes to what you’ll be using the clothing for. Activities such as hiking, skiing, climbing and trail running are all perfect examples of where Merino can really improve your experience. Keeping you cool when you’re hot, warm when you’re cold, allowing your skin to breathe naturally during high output activities. Merino also wicks away sweat and can be air dried to keep it smelling fresh even after multiple uses while exercising.

So if you’re asking yourself, is Merino wool worth the money? We think as a renewable natural fibre, with pretty baa-arilliant properties, Merino is a worthy investment, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what our flock thinks.

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