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Article: 30 Day Merino Challenge: Tara's Journey

30 Day Merino Challenge: Tara's Journey

30 Day Merino Challenge: Tara's Journey

For 30 days straight, Tara, our Lead Designer, wore her merino 180 long sleeve petrol crew.
Here's her diary from the adventure... It turns out she wears her Isobaa neck warmers rather a lot too!
3rd March 2020

"1 week into the challenge and my initial (quietly) confident thoughts are being realised :) The first few days were spent in the office, along with walking 2 miles each day and travelling on the train/tube for over an hour each way. Then I travelled by car for 12 hours to the French Alps and have been skiing in the base layer for the last 3 days. No issues with smell at all so far, however my natural (no aluminium) deodorant was starting to build up in the flatlock seam so I've splashed some warm water onto the area before bed for the last couple of nights. I've been hanging the base layer up over night to 'air' but not outside, just on my wardrobe door."

10th March 2020

"Following a full week of skiing and another 12 hour car journey through France, the base layer is still pong-free! It still looks crisp and fresh, despite plenty of wear and I genuinely cannot detect even a hint of odour under the arms, just a feint deodorant aroma. I hung the base layer up each night to 'air' inside the apartment and have continued to splash warm water under the armpits every few days to reduce the deodorant build up. The inside of the underarm panels look slightly darker than the rest of the garment but this doesn't seem to be visible when being worn. I didn't mind wearing the same base layer all week whilst skiing as I would have been wearing a similar base layer each day anyway, but now I'm back to work I'm anticipating that I might start to feel a bit bored of wearing the same thing each day! Roll on the weekend ;)"

17th March 2020

"WFH and social distancing has commenced. I'm actually enjoying not having to think about what to wear each day and the laundry basket is definitely not filling up as quickly. When you're constantly inside your home it's nice not to be surrounded by washing! I'm continuing to hang the top each night and have occasionally hung it near an open window, but otherwise there hasn't been any other special treatment."

26th March 2020

"The end...or is it..."

31st March 2020

"So, I've decided to keep going with my unwashed ISOBAA base layer, but instead of wearing it all day/everyday I'm going to wear it for my daily exercise instead, and see how long it can last without a wash. This should be a harder test as I'm going to run & cycle and generally get quite sweaty!"

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