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Article: 8 Reasons To Love Merino (As Much As We Do)

8 Reasons To Love Merino (As Much As We Do)

8 Reasons To Love Merino (As Much As We Do)

As I am sure you can tell, the team at Isobaa are big lovers of all things merino. We see it as a high performance gift from nature, and it really is. There are so many benefits to wearing merino wool that we wanted to share with our customers some of our particular favourites. 

First, some background to this incredible wool. The merino is in fact a breed of sheep which is characterised by their very fine soft wool. It has ample natural benefits and grown all year round, making it an excellent fabric choice. But what else makes merino so baarilliant? 

1. Quick Drying - one of the first things we noted about merino was its ability to always be the first dry piece of kit. Merino wool is very fine and therefore is able to release water much easily, drying much faster. This makes it an excellent choice for not just casual wear but more technical garments such as base layers.

2. Durable - people are often surprised at the durability of merino. Although its very fine, this wool is almost 6 times stronger than cotton and allows us to provide you with an 100 days guarantee. 

3. No Itch - Probably the most important point for most people is the feel of their clothes, especially with a common stereotype being that wool can be itchy. However, our merino ultrafine fibres bend easily and do not itch.

4. Non Allergenic - another reason to love merino is it is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Merino is not an allergen and will not cause irritation. 

5. UV Resistant - This fibers in merino make it a natural UV barrier for your skin. Protecting you from damaging UV radiation by absorbing the sun rays. 

6. Crease Resistant - This doesn't need much more explanation, but an obvious benefit to having merino clothing. The elastic properties of merino make it very wrinkle resistant. Simply hanging it out to dry will be more than enough and you will not find yourself reaching for the iron much at all. 

7. Odor Resistant - A key benefit to merino, is its ability to withstand odors. With the ability to absorb odors and release them when washed, you will feel consistently fresh. That's why we challenge you to take part in our 30 Day Challenge. 

8. Easily Washable - Merino is naturally stain resistant. Providing you with a protective outer layer, which will help prevent some stains. However if you find yourself having to wash your merino, just wash on a low temperature and tit will be good as new. Always remember to check the care label of your garments for the best advice.

Is Merino a Sustainable Option? 

Biodegradable - many people don't know that merino is in fact biodegradable. Wool is a natural resource and it will naturally decompose in soil over time. When disposed of it will degrade over time and give its nutrients back into the soil. 

 Renewable - Essentially merino wool fibers are constructed from water, grass and air. Merino comes from the sheep who then help us produce our Isobaa products, unlike synthetic alternatives which are industrially produced from non-renewable energy sources. 

There you have it, Team Isobaa's top reasons to love Merino. If you have any more reasons why to love merino, let us know via our Instagram or Facebook, even message us at! 

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