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Article: Kids and Merino: Perfect Match for Play

A young girl climbing on outdoor furniture, wearing a pink and grey striped Isobaa Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew and Merino Blend 200 Leggings

Kids and Merino: Perfect Match for Play

Hey there, parents and guardians! If you’re looking for tough, kid-proof clothes that can handle anything from playdates to hiking trips, you’ve hit the jackpot with merino wool. Today, we're talking about why our range of kids merino garments are perfect for any activity — chill-out days included.

Why Choose Merino Wool for Kids?

Merino wool isn’t just great for adults; it’s awesome for kids too. It’s super soft, so it won’t itch or bother sensitive skin. Plus, it helps keep your child cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold, which is perfect for playing outside any time of the year.

The Perfect Playtime Outfit

1. Kids Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew

Charcoal/Orange Navy/Sky Smoke/Fuchsia Stripe Navy/Sky Smoke/Charcoal Stripe Smoke/Fuchsia Stripe Navy/Sky Stripe Smoke/Charcoal Stripe Smoke/Fuchsia Stripe
A young boy sitting on the floor indoors, raising his arms in excitement, dressed in a blue and navy striped Isobaa Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew and Merino Blend 200 Leggings

Let’s start with the upper layers. Our Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew is not just any top. It’s a versatile base layer that’s ideal for skiing, hiking, or just playing in the garden. It’s made from breathable merino wool, so your kids won’t get too sweaty. It has smooth seams to prevent chafing and a cute sheep logo that kids love!

Key Features

  • Temperature Regulation
    Keeps kids warm or cool as needed.
  • Moisture-Wicking and Breathable
    Perfect for active kids.
  • Odour Resistant
    Say goodbye to smelly tops, even after a long day of play.
  • Quick Drying and Easy Care
    Less hassle in laundry day, more time for fun.

2. Kids Merino Blend 200 Leggings

Charcoal/Orange Navy/Sky Smoke/Fuchsia Smoke/Charcoal Stripe Navy/Sky Stripe Smoke/Fuchsia Stripe
A young girl playing with toys indoors, dressed in a pink and grey striped Isobaa Merino Blend 200 Long Sleeve Crew and Merino Blend 200 Leggings

Moving down to the leggings, these aren’t just for keeping legs warm; they're made for total comfort and moving freely — perfect for climbing trees or lounging at home. They have the same great features as the shirt, plus a comfy waistband that stays put no matter the activity.

Key Features

  • Flatlock Stitching
    Smooth seams for comfort.
  • Soft and Stretchable
    Provides comfort and flexibility for all-day play.
  • Quick Drying
    Ready to go again after a quick wash.

Join the Flock

If you haven’t tried merino wool for your kids, now's a great time to start. Our clothes are not only comfy but also kind to the planet. Check out our kids’ range and find something your little ones will love.

Wrapping It Up

Ready to outfit your kids in the best? Click the links below to shop our selection and pick the perfect pieces for your child's adventures. We're all about comfort and durability, perfect for the great outdoors.

Got any questions or want to share your stories about your kids in their merino gear? Reach out or join our flock online. We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message at

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our merino wool is super soft and designed to be comfortable even on the most sensitive skin.

Yes, our merino products are easy to care for and can be machine washed. Follow the care instructions printed directly on the garment for the best results.

Yes, merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber that is biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious families.

Join our flock and let your kids experience the natural comfort and fun of Isobaa merino clothing!

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