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Article: Maintaining Your Merino Wool Gear

Maintaining a pocket on an Isobaa Merino Lux hoodie

Maintaining Your Merino Wool Gear

If you love getting outdoors or just snuggling up at home, chances are you’ve got some merino wool in your closet. It’s comfy, versatile, and easy on your skin, making it perfect whether you’re climbing mountains or just lounging around. But how do you keep this wonderful fabric looking and feeling great? Don’t worry, we’ve got some straightforward tips to help you care for your merino wool items without any fuss.

Before we get started, remember to always double check the care label on your garment.

1. Battle of the Baa-d Smells

Merino wool is great at fighting off smells, but it’s not perfect. To keep your wool smelling fresh, air it out after wearing it. You don’t need to wash merino too often, which is great because it means you can wear it more and wash it less. When you do need to wash it, use cool water and a gentle detergent. Don’t wring it out; instead, lay it flat to dry in a shady spot to avoid stretching.

2. Chill Out with the Heat

Stay away from direct heat when drying merino wool, like radiators or super hot dryer settings. High heat can cause your cosy items to shrink. It’s better to air-dry merino in a cool, breezy place. This helps keep the fibers in good shape and maintains the quality of your clothes.

3. Skip the Iron

Thanks to its natural ability to resist wrinkles, merino wool rarely needs ironing. If you do need to iron, use the wool setting and some gentle steam, and always put a cloth between the iron and your wool. This gentle approach is like a quick spa treatment for your clothes.

4. Protect Against Moths

Merino is good at keeping odours and stains away, but moths might still find it tasty. Keep your wool items clean and use natural moth repellents like cedar blocks or lavender sachets. These not only keep moths away but also make your wardrobe or drawers smell wonderful.

5. A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Regularly check your wool items for any signs of wear or tears. Fixing small holes early can help prevent bigger problems later, keeping your wool items looking great for longer.

6. Wear It Boldly

Merino wool is made for adventures, so don’t hesitate to wear it out. Just remember to give it a quick check for any twigs or burrs that might have clung to it after outdoor use.

What’s Next?

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