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Behind the motivation for Isobaa was our love of nature - getting out to the hills and discovering pastures new. Originating in London, UK, we were always escaping the city to find adventures beyond the everyday hustle and bustle.

No matter where we went in the country we knew we could rely on the great British outdoors for one thing… the unreliable weather. Seasons can shift in minutes. Lush hillsides are quickly shrouded in cloud and just as quickly emerge into unseasonable sunshine - it's just part of the fun!

That's when we realised that if anything can cope with the changing conditions of nature, it is a natural fabric. We needed something that would take us from city to country, high street to high peaks, keeping us comfortable come rain or shine. Merino was the obvious option, and we soon fell in love with this wonderful wool as the perfect partner for life in the fresh air. Breathable and wicking in warmer temperatures, yet warm and soft as the air turns cool, merino wool is the versatile and comfortable solution we had been looking for to help us frolic further and stay out longer.


Once we had our merino mission we needed to get the details right. We knew that if we took the care to select great quality materials from the start we could craft clothing that not only performed and felt great in the moment, but also lasted the test of time.

For the right source of superfine merino for our first Isobaa products we looked to a country that has been herding merino sheep since the end of the 19th century, where sheep farmers invest not only in looking after the sheep but also nourishing the soil for the plants and crops they eat: Australia. This was where we knew our fluffy friends would be creating the finest, softest merino.

Choosing our supplier for ethical treatment of their sheep (with no nasty mulesing process) and quality of the fabric we could be sure that Isobaa clothing would be the best for our flock and for nature. We also knew that with a well-made garment the joy continues for a longer life-cycle before it eventually wears out, at which point the natural merino fibres are biodegradable. Another bonus from the marvellous merino sheep!


Every Isobaa product has been carefully crafted to maintain the amazing natural performance of our merino, and keep active people happy everywhere. Quality for us means more time playing in the great outdoors, more spontaneous adventures and magic moments enjoying the fresh air, and less time worrying if you are wearing the right clothing.

When you're part of our flock, you're always ready to explore!