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Experience performance, breathability, and comfort

We are...

Fresh air fans

We enjoy feeling our bodies move, whatever the pace. We embrace the buzz from racing up a mountain - or a stroll in the park. We are not all extreme sports junkies, but we share the simple thrill of being outdoors. We have harnessed nature’s adaptability, comfort and durability to create long-lasting, quality garments.



"This was the Year of Base Layers for me, and nothing came close to this merino top and bottom from UK-based Isobaa...  I pack this top for all of my backcountry outings, from backpacking, to skiing, to day hikes."

"Isobaa claim this mid-weight hoodie 'will soon become a staple in your wardrobe, whether you need an extra layer for hiking in the mountains or a casual top for the weekend.' Simply put, it's difficult to argue."

"It is one of the softest and smoothest Merino base layers I have ever encountered. A smooth and soft fabric typically indicates that the garment is made of high-quality Merino wool. This is indeed true for Isobaa Hoodie."

"It’s been a staple of my wardrobe for the past few weeks now and I’ve found it perfect for commuting on cooler days. With a t-shirt underneath and the hoodie on top, this will keep you nice and warm, while also letting some air reach your skin so you don’t get to sweaty."