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Product Care



We’ve designed our Isobaa garments to be easy to care for. Each garment has washing instructions printed inside, so be sure to check them out.

Bar a few exceptions, we recommend a machine washing at 30°c, using non-biological detergent, with similar colours and the garment turned inside out. Washing in hot water can contribute to shrinkage. It’s also best not to use fabric softener as this can affect the performance of the merino.

Due to the natural properties of merino, it’s less necessary to wash your Isobaa after every wear, so feel free to wear it for a few days before putting it through a wash – much kinder on the environment, and also saves you money on detergent.

Please note: Our Merino Insulated Jacket is Dry Clean Only due to the properties of the wool filling, please do not machine wash this garment.

Our merino yarn is pre-shrunk, however there can still be up to 3% shrinkage during washing.

It’s best to dry merino flat, but if that’s not possible we’d suggest draping it over a clothes horse or washing line, to avoid stretching the garment or marking it with clothes pegs. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

You can iron your Isobaa garment inside out avoiding the printed areas, on a low setting or using a gentle steam if the iron is held away from the garment.

To help reduce pilling, you can occasionally wash your Isobaa with garments made from a coarser fabric, i.e. denim (but ensure all zips are closed to avoid snagging). This helps to remove loose fibres and will maintain your Isobaa over time, keeping it looking good as new.