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We welcome everyone who loves the outdoors into our flock to get the best out of nature. Here are just a few of the fresh air fans who inspire us and others to adventure outside and make the most of the nature around us.



Ben is an Adventurer, thrill seeker, Mountaineer, lover of Expeditions and pretty much any physical outdoor endurance challenges he can get stuck in to.

His journey began wandering around the hills and Tors of Dartmoor where he harnessed his navigation and practised outdoor survival skills. From there he has grown from frequenting Scotland, to his most recent exploit, crossing Svalbard and crossing Iceland.

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Jojo is a fully certified ski instructor working in Meribel, France. She is passionate about movement outdoors and swears by its medicinal qualities. She's undertaken many challenges including cycling solo from Meribel to Devon to save driving, ski touring from Sweden into Norway and many more.

Jojo loves the magic of outdoors and believes that adventures don't have to be big planned trips; its about stepping outside your front door, opening your eyes to whats in front of you, breathing, and feeling completely alive.

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Sarah is an adventurer, lover of movement, health warrior, and barefoot enthusiast.

She's on a mission to bring purpose to her adventures by promote healthy human behaviours, promoting the mental & physical health benefits of adventuring outdoors, raising awareness of environmental issues, encouraging others to go outside – to adventure confidently and safely and supporting charities who echo her values.

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Iona Rendall

Iona is an adventurer from Aviemore in Scotland, she embodies 'getting the best out of nature' and has a powerful ambition to bring people together and get outdoors.

Currently training to be a Mountain Leader, Iona has created a growing community on Facebook, Iona’s Adventures, that gathers people together for hill walks, wild swimming and camping.

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Tom Young

Tom is a trained marine conservationist and active supporter of wildlife conservation, as well a filmmaker and presenter. 

There's something magical and uplifting for our souls when we spend time in the wild, and Tom believes the simple act of dedicating time to walking wild can improve our well being and our lives immensely.

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