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Our Materials

Odour-resistant Breathable Thermoregulating Moisture wicking Quick drying Lightweight

Our superfine wool is sourced with care from suppliers that treat their flock with love (no nasty mulesing process) and an emphasis on quality. As a natural material it will also biodegrade at the end of its useful life, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have some great adventures before that happens.

Non-mulesed Natural fibre Biodegradable


Our best inspiration comes from thinking and breathing in the outdoors. Just like the cycles of renewal and reuse in nature, we thought it would be pretty neat to create our packaging from recycled and recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, and jute string. This little change helps us make a big difference in terms of how much waste our packaging creates, and looks good too!

A similar spark of thought led us to Fulfil Technology. When a supplier started searching for a way to reuse scraps and off-cuts from our merino fabric, we quickly realised that what some might see as waste would make excellent insulation, with all the benefits of the original wool fabrics.

Recycled materials