Welcome to Tales From the Eweniverse

Are you a fan of fresh air? 
We’ve got that in common.

But right now it's about staying indoors and dreaming of your next adventure!

We all know that fresh air is soul food: outdoors is where we are designed to be.

And in a world where carving out time to be outside isn't advisable, it's important to stay inspired by the thought of getting away - to the sea, to the hills...to the park.

We aim to keep you comfortable in our merino clothing, so that whatever you’re up to, you can embrace every moment, in the moment, wherever you are.

We hope the stories on our new blog, Tales from the Eweniverse, inspire you to feel your body move indoors and stay positive!

We'll be sharing stories from our flock (and all the amazing things our fellow fresh air fans love to do), tasty morsels of inspiration, and useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time in the great outdoors, ready for your next adventure.

This is where we will bring you, our #baabarian community, together. Share your merino adventures with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and sign up to our newsletter for inspiring Tales from the Eweniverse.

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