30 Day Merino Challenge: Debbie's Journey

When we launched the 30 day merino challenge, we had no idea how many people would be up for getting involved - it's quite an ask of our customers! 

We spoke with Debbie, one of our most recent 30 day merino challenge finishers, who wore her Women's Merino 180 Long Sleeve Crew (Denim/ Charcoal) for the full 30 days! 

  1. How does the top smell? It’s actually smelling quite fresh, only just the faintest armpit whiff, but a barely there smell.
  2. Have you noticed any changes to the top? No, not really. The top has maintained its shape and looks brand new. The colour hasn’t faded at all and it doesn’t look like it's been worn straight for 30 days.
  3. How have you been storing your top while not using it? Honestly, I have simply just been throwing it on the back of my chair for safe keeping.
  1. What have you been up to while wearing your top for the last week? I have been very busy actually. Some recent activities have included camping away with the family, gardening and lots and lots of walking/hiking.
  2. What have you been wearing with your top? The main outfit that springs to mind is with my Salomon walking trousers and sandals, as the weather has been so hot.
  3. Have you noticed any change in how you look after your other clothes? Yes, I wash my clothes a LOT less now and I have to say I worry less about how I look.  There is something organically pleasing about having fewer clothes that you love and wearing for long spells.

  1. How have your friends and family responded to the challenge? They initially thought I was absolutely bonkers and wouldn’t be able to finish it. I also received lots of comments from friends about how they enjoyed my daily posts. The most asked question I did receive was “Does the top smell yet?” to which I would respond “Not yet!”.  You are bound to get some custom as I was raving about it.
  2. Has the challenge impacted your usual clothing spending habits?Yes, absolutely. I have actually bought more Merino items as a result and I have gotten rid of cheaper, less worn stuff. This challenge has really changed my outlook. 

If you fancy trying our 30 Day Merino Challenge, do not hesitate to get involved to win your free Merino top! 

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