30 Day Merino Challenge: Ron's Journey

When we launched the 30 day merino challenge, we didn't know how many people would be up for getting involved - it's quite an ask of our customers! 

We caught up with Ron, an artist from Kent, UK and one of our first 30 day merino challenge finishers, who wore his denim merino 150 short sleeve crew for a baa-rilliant 50 days!!

Here's what Ron had to say...

Q. How does the top smell?
After 50 days, it probably wasn't as fresh as a daisy! An airing/UVsunbathe helped to freshen it up, and I've now washed it to good effect. For the average person on manoeuvre for a few days or holiday or intermittent wearing will easily cope without washing it, or just by doing a quick refresh.
Q. Have you noticed any changes to the top?
After careful hand washing in warm water and hand wash soap flakes it's possible that the fibres have pulled tighter together. I think it relaxes after wearing again and have found this to be the case now.
Q. How have you been storing your top while not using it?
I wore it through the night on many occasions, but otherwise just placed it on a chair overnight. 8 hours later and it was on duty again!
Q. What have you been up to while wearing your top for the last week?
I did everything in it, exercise, sleeping, painting, cooking, walking digging, watching TV, cycling.
Q. What have you been wearing with your top?
Nothing when it was warm, but otherwise I wore a fleece top over it. It's very comfortable and adds cosiness when worn underneath something else.
Q. Have you noticed any change in how you look after your other clothes?
I already do environmentally friendly things, like not washing clothes so often, so it hasn't changed my own behaviour. It has allowed me to confidently stretch the envelope further though. It will encourage new users to do this, so will have wider effects outside of the garment itself.
Q. How have your friends and family responded to the challenge?
I did push it a bit, and it does depend on you being super clean underneath, so towards the end they said they could smell that it wasn't super fresh under the arms. This was after 50 days wear, and a 14 day quarantine in the shed, with just an outdoor camping shower!! I also use a crystal deodorant and un-perfumed shower gel, which have minimal impact. It's a great travel combination. Anyone using a perfumed item of any type will cover up any minor natural aromas.
Q. Has the challenge impacted your usual clothing spending habits?
Again, as an environmentalist, I reuse clothes often, buy from charity shops etc, but if you can stop fashion getting the better of you, it's a good option to start slowing down your impact. Fast fashion is a problem.

If you're up for taking on our 30 day merino challenge, head over to our blog post to learn more.

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